Afternoon Tea

Lean back and make yourself at home in the comfort of our warm surroundings while enjoying our traditional Afternoon Tea in Zurich. Homemade scones, the finest tea from TWG, exquisite sandwiches and pastries are waiting to be tasted.

We look forward to welcome you in our Le Hall for your Afternoon Tea from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.
A reservation 48 hours in advance is requested.

Please note that due to the latest regulations issued by the Swiss Federal Council, our Le Hall will be available for hotel guests only until further notice.

Luxury Afternoon Tea with TWG tea at Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich Switzerland Sindi Arifi

Our selection


Assorted freshly brewed loose-leaf teas from
the TWG teahouse (unlimited supply).
Fine-cut sandwiches, scones with clotted cream
and small pastries · CHF 72


1 glass of Philipponnat champagne,
assorted freshly brewed loose-leaf teas from
the TWG teahouse (unlimited supply).
Fine-cut sandwiches, scones with clotted cream
and small pastries · CHF 85


1 glass of Dom Pérignon champagne,
assorted freshly brewed loose-leaf teas from
the TWG teahouse (unlimited supply).
Fine-cut sandwiches, scones with clotted cream
and small pastries · CHF 115




For generations, the Baur au Lac and its restaurants has offered its guests only the most select ingredients for an exquisite dining experience. Our guests also experience an excellent selection of unique tea varieties at afternoon tea. For this we turn to the international luxury brand, TWG. Since its founding in Singapore, TWG Tea managed to establish itself at the peak of the gourmet tea brands.

We, with TWG as our partner, are proud to be the first hotel in Switzerland to be able to offer our guests this exclusive product.

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Surprise your loved ones…

We also offer Afternoon Tea vouchers for your loved ones. We will be happy to take your orders.

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Exclusive afternoon tea in Zurich

Let yourself be spoiled at the Baur au Lac and enjoy freshly brewed tea varieties from Teehaus TWG à discrétion. Fine sandwiches with select ingredients, crepes filled with cream cheese and marinated vegetables, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam and further delicacies from the mini-patisserie are ready and waiting for you. For special occasions and celebrations, we serve a glass of champagne along with a cake stand with exquisite treats.

Traditional Atternoon Tea at Le Hall at Baur au Lac Zurich

The history of tea time

According to an old legend, the Chinese Emperor Shennong is supposed to have liked drinking hot water. One day, during a meditation session, the wind blew some leaves into the boiling water. The emperor took that fresh drink and tea was born.

Many thousands of years later, in the 17th Century, the precious leaves reached the coasts of Britain. Tea became a symbol of the English upper classes and afternoon tea was established by Queen Anne in order to decrease the waiting time for evening supper. Since then, the comfortable time out period with savoury treats and sweet desserts serves as a well-balanced snack. In order to give this meal that “something special”, the small cakes and finely cut sandwiches are served on an cake stand.

Le Hall at luxury hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich Switzerland

The air of the Swiss metropolis


The special thing about tea time is not only achieved by the exquisite and extraordinary food and drinks. The location definitely also contributes to feeling like a member of the royal household for a few hours. Close to historical sights, in the heart of the Baur au Lac, you find “Le Hall”. The perfect location to spend a few comfortable hours at afternoon tea. The elegant hall which is rich in tradition is a homage to the past. Different style eras merge together in a noble and romantic location. Of course, stylish premises expect professional restaurant service. Lean back and let yourself be completely spoiled in our hotel's comfortable atmosphere. Our team will tend to your every need.

An unparalleled highlight is the glass dome above “Le Hall”. French artists planned and produced the dome in Paris. The individual components were brought to Zurich piece by piece and installed one by one. Unique light incidences provide an enchanted atmosphere for afternoon tea in Zurich.