Busy as a bee


Before moving to the Baur au Lac, our bees were living high above Lake Lucerne. Now, our bees have been collecting nectar and pollen for some time. 

The collected nectar will be passed on from one bee to another several times in the apiary. During this process, every bee adds special enzymes, which continuously change the sugar composition. Sucrose, for instance, is being segregated into fructose and glucose. The outcome of this natural process is honey. The honey will be dried up and deposited in the wax by the bees. A bee colony needs 60 kg honey, 30 kg pollen and 20 litre water every year. The beekeeper will withdraw 20 percent of the honey, thus about 12 kg per colony. One single bee produces about one teaspoon of honey in her entire life. For a 500 gram honey jar, at least two million visits of blossoms are required. To reach those, bees fly in a radius of three kilometres around the beehive, which means they can reach the Zoo Zurich or the Prime tower. Did you know that bees have existed for 40 million years, while humans have only existed for four million years?


Having breakfast at the Baur au Lac includes the enjoyment of our honey! The enjoyment can be extended to your friends and family, 295 gram glasses of our honey are available at the Baur au Lac Kiosk in the Lobby.