Baur au Lac presents


For the sheer joy of giving... During the holiday season, the Baur au Lac is transforming into a small and cheerful Christmas Manufactory. 

Still looking for that last elusive gift? Like to put a smile on the face of a friend with chocolate temptations? Or do you simply not have time to bake all those delicious Christmas cookies yourself? Need some choice tea for your very own afternoon tea during Advent? The Baur au Lac's exquisite selection of fine gifts includes all these and more tasty delights as the perfect presents for loved ones. Each one is caringly produced and packaged by hand here at the Baur au Lac.

November 22, 2019 to January 7, 2020
Available from our kiosk and to order


The Baur au Lac Christmas Manufactory

Celebrate the festivities and surprise your loved one's with a culinary gift from the Baur au Lac.


Selection Baur au Lac from tea house TWG - à CHF 37

Baur au Lac «Chocolat 1844»

• Rectangle Lait 43% Noisette - CHF 12
• Rectangle Noir 70% Amande - CHF 12
• Carrés Noir 70% et Lait 43% - CHF 18
• Chocolat Chaud Noir 70% - CHF 16

Baur au Lac Christmas fruit loaf

according to a traditional recipe recipe with
rum raisins, candied lemons and oranges - CHF 22

Christmas biscuits

«Sélection Baur au Lac» - CHF 18

Baur au Lac «Miel du Jardin»

from our own bee hives - CHF 25

Baur au Lac Macarons

crafted by our own pâtissier - CHF 12.50

Baur au Lac Pâté fait Maison

with foie gras and truffles - CHF 98

Duck Liver Terrine

seasoned with Port - CHF 64


A present from Baur au Lac Vins is an expression of your personal, unerring style – and of just how much you appreciate the recipient.

Available from the Baur au Lac only during the festive season.
Please place your orders by phone on 044 220 50 66 or by mail at (Prices are inclusive of VAT, excluding shipping costs.)