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Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac
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Baur au Lac meets Mark Arnall TRAVEL F1T

In collaboration with respected Formula 1 performance coach Mark Arnall, the Baur au Lac now lays on an exclusive travel-based program for guests who are frequently on the move.

Currently under contract with Sebastian Vettel, the high-profile fitness and health professional focuses on finding the sweet spot between travel, training, recovery and nutrition. And who better to benefit from this top service than the busy travellers who stay at the Baur au Lac?

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Mark Arnall Formula 1 performance coach

Mark Arnall's mission took shape when he started working in the one 'industry' perhaps worst affected by the challenges of staying fit on the road whilst travelling across multiple time zones: Formula 1. Melbourne today, Imola tomorrow, then on to Miami: the teams spend a full 250 days a year on the road, during which time they have to deliver consistent physical and mental excellence. Travel related challenges such as jetlag are something of an inconvenience. For the drivers in particular, symptoms such as tiredness, sleeping difficulties, headaches and impaired performance can escalate into life-threatening situations. 

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TRAVEL F1T Well-being & performance

Arnall has come to the attention of frequent travellers from other walks of life. And this was reason enough for the Baur au Lac to sign a cooperation agreement with him, enabling guests to make the most of their stay here within the confines of their busy agenda. To this end, Arnall channelled his knowledge and 25 years of experience into the specific needs of the hotel and its guests and has developed effective programs to help guests stay fit and healthy as they travel. Exercise and recovery programs, healthy, performance boosting nutrition, jetlag management and support for the immune system are all included.

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Workout & Recovery Holistic guest program

The concept  - in line with the trainer's holistic mindset  - extends from travel-related recommendations before arrival via video and Mark Arnall e-book travel guide, to training and recovery programs on site.
The fitness room on the roof of the hotel,  overlooking the lake and the Alps, will be reinvented by leading gym designer Yves Preissler specially to match this program (completion winter '22). Guests who prefer to train in their room will find selected fitness tools available for them as well as training videos instructed by Mark Arnall on all guest TVs. Mark Arnall and the Baur au Lac's kitchen team even developed their own healthy, performance boosting and delicious dishes to complement the programs.