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Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac
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TRAVEL F1T Nutrition

Mark Arnall has worked closely with leading sports nutritionists and Baur au Lac’s award-winning chefs to specially develop exclusive nutritious dishes to complement the programme. At Baur’s, he also collaborated with the bar’s Head Mixologists to create two cocktails reflective of the drivers he has worked with. 

Power Breakfast

For breakfast, hotel guests can start their day with a ginger shot paired with a go-to choice of Kimi Räikkönen: a power bowl of oats, chia seeds, MCT oil, cinnamon, oat milk, berries with nuts and Baur au Lac honey available on the side. This breakfast option will be served at Pavillon and is available for in-room dining.

Superfood Dish

Mark’s signature dish served at Baur’s, Le Hall, and the Terrace restaurant is a Superfood delight of wild broccoli, beetroot, cucumber, quinoa, pomegranates, egg, tomato with avocado filling and a choice of grilled tofu, chicken or salmon.

  • BAUR`S Cocktail

Power Drinks

Discover ‘The Scotsman’ with Johnny Walker Black Label, Philipponnat Champagne, raspberries, blueberries, and Baur au Lac Honey; and ‘The Iceman’ with Koskenkorva Vodka, Noilly Prat, and homemade bitters.