The definition of good honey


Honey is a natural product and as many people know there are many different flavours.

Like wine, honey changes every year in relation to the crop, which can be affected by the weather, position of the hive and time of year. These factors usually affect the spreadability of the honey rather than the flavour.

The sensation of taste comes from the palate on the roof of one’s mouth and from there we ascertain what we like, find tasty and if we think a product is good.

Honey Felix Schier 2015 0498

What is the difference between honey from the city and the country?

There are many more varieties of honey in the city than in the countryside. There is more pollen in the city due to the tree population of the city. In the city there are Linden, Robinias, Chestnut and fruit bearing trees but city beekeepers cannot reap unifloral honey in the way beekeepers in the country can.  However instead they can produce honey from different types of plants.

At Baur au Lac, we also like to know the provenance of honey, as then we can ascertain how good quality it is.

When we know which bees have produced the honey and where it has been bottled then we can assess the quality. Then, when we have this information, we know that no additives have been included. Sustainability is also very important to the Baur au Lac, as is working with local producers, knowing where their products are from and how they are produced.

Pictures by DR. SCHIER’S AG