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New Year's Eve


The place to be on the night of the nights

A veritable fireworks display of culinary delicacies sets the tone for the evening: Choose between a gourmet menu conjured up by a star-studded chef at the Pavillon, a festive gala dinner at Le Petit Palais and a laid-back dinner party at the Rive Gauche. After that, the park of the Baur au Lac is the perfect place for everyone to feast their eyes on the spectacular midnight fireworks display on Lake Zurich.

Live at Le Petit Palais: 8 OF CLUBS, a young Berlin band that has already captivated a huge audience in front of the Brandenburg Gate. They will play the best songs past and present – an irresistible, foot-tapping, hip-swaying mix of
soul, funk and pop.

The Rive Gauche will undoubtedly host the hottest dinner party in the city. Here, DJ PATRIC PLEASURE will blast out «The Music Time Machine» – everything from historic evergreens to the latest dance floor hits – until the early hours of the morning.

Wherever you begin the evening – at the Rive Gauche, the Pavillon, the Petit Palais or the Chalet – the subsequent New Year’s Eve party is for everyone! And if you care to join us later on, walk-around tickets are available from 11:00 p.m.