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Matsuhisa @ Rive Gauche


The world-renowned kitchen of Nobuyuki „Nobu“ Matsuhisa will join the Rive Gauche in November 2017.

Experience the incomparable taste of Japanese-Peruvian kitchen and indulge yourself with the unique taste.

Exclusive from November 17th - 25th, 2017 at the Rive Gauche.

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NOBU Screen Anzeige 2017


Salmon Karashi Su miso
Thinly sliced seared salmon with Japanese mustard miso and unagi sauce


Chef’s selection of premium sushi


Spinach Salad Dry Miso
Baby spinach salad with olive oil, yuzu juice, truffle and dry miso


Black Cod Miso
Cod fillet marinated in sweet miso, grilled till perfection, Den miso and Hajikami pickle


Japanese Wagyu with truffle teriyaki
Grilled tenderloin of Japanese wagyu beef, Truffle & teriyaki sauce


Nobu Style Chocolate Fondant
Green Tea Ice Cream