Bee au Lac


A warm welcome to our more than 80,000 new habitants. 


The Baur au Lac now has four new beehives in residence on the property. Our Apis mellifera carnica bees are a gentle subspecies of the traditional Western honeybee (Apis mellifera).

The hive began with 20,000 bees, including their queen and about 1,000 male bees (drones) and grows in number every day. Since the time of well-known nobles such as Empress Sisi and Imperial Wilhelm II, royal delegates have repeatedly chosen to lodge at the Baur au Lac and the tradition is now going to be continued with four new ‘queens.’


Welcome to your new home!

Behind the walls of the mini Baur au Lac, there certainly are not 80,000 rooms and suites, but rather boxes in which numerous honeycombs made of wax are hanging.

The honeycombs are both nursery and storage space. The young bees grow up in the honeycombs, and honey, as well as pollen, is stored there. Our five-star bees are enjoying their exclusive site, located in the middle of the garden and with a view of Lake Zurich right in the center of town.


Baur au lac Honey

This summer, after the first crop, our guests will be able to enjoy our homemade honey at the breakfast buffet or buy it as a souvenir at our shop.

Honey from the city enjoys the distinction of having less pesticide and fungicide. Compared to honey from the countryside, where there are many more monocultures, the honey from the Baur au Lac will have a more multi-faceted taste. The Baur au Lac is the first hotel in Zurich to have its own bee colony, and we are very proud to welcome our new employees in their black-yellow uniforms.