Spring awakening


Spring is in the air and is showing its colorful and impressive side. What are our bees doing all day long?

A single bee takes up to 40 trips a day and flies to approximately 100 flowers per trip. To summarize – a single bee flies to about 4,000 flowers per day, in a radius of three kilometers. That being said, the saying "as busy as a bee" has a real element of truth.

Which tourist attractions have they discovered yet? And above all, where are the best flowers to find? Might it be the bacopa flowers hidden under the many bridges along the “Schanzengraben” canal which can only be reached with a lot of skill? Perhaps they also discovered the anemones on the “Bürkliplatz Square” or the beautiful tulips in our garden?

At any rate we do think our bees plan some breaks to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy beautiful spring along Limmat River at the border of Lake Zurich.

It's sweet like honey - stay tuned, soon you will get to know more about our busy bees.

DSC04272 Talstrasse 1