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The Baur au Lac Magazine

This year, we are taking part in a great new communication concept «Open your Eyes, which presents the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through a stunning collection of photographs displayed along Lake Zurich. Baur au Lac is working with renowned photographer James Balog to portray the 13th SDG, which reflects our intention to combat climate change and leave a positive footprint.

As with everything in life, we move with the times and have worked to revamp our brand to ensure it is both contemporary and timeless. The improvements do not end with the details of our brand, but extend to the larger features, such as the redesign of the hotel's interior, right down to the renovation of the hotel rooms.

Meet the current and future generations and their passionate commitment to ensuring that Baur au Lac continues to thrive. How they are influencing change to set Baur au Lac apart from the rest and create unique experiences for their guests, making them feel at home away from home.

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