Reinvention of an Icon
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Reinvention of an Icon

Chapter 9 | A sUITE stORY

Our suites are spaces, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions, tell stories, and reflect the unique essence of Baur au Lac. And this is why reinventing our spaces is about creating a symphony of design, a harmonious blend of opulence and functionality.

From the moment the door to our suites swings open, you will be directly enveloped in an aura of refined elegance, which makes you feel like you never have left the comfort of your own home. The gaze will be irresistebly drawn to the pristine, greige walls exuded a timeless charm, contrasting harmoniously with the wood accents and rich textile surfaces that grace every corner.

A captivating artwork adorn the walls, masterpieces that seamlessly blend modern abstract with classic sophistication. Every nook and cranny of the room whispers tales of the designers' dedication to opulence and refinement. From the carefully curated to the discreetly placed technology that seamlessly integrates into the room's aesthetic, every element had been chosen to embody the comfort, creativity and craftsmanship, which each of our guests have in mind.

Chapter 8 | Private Quarters for your Pivotal Moments

Moving with the times is an essential part of maintaining a contemporary look and feel for our guests. Salon I and II have been refurbished to incorporate the best of both worlds: modern technology in harmony with time-tested and classic design. The newly added vibrant blues blend seamlessly with the finely selected art – transporting you into an ambience unrivalled by any other.

Inviting key business partners, celebrating your most intimate family moments or team milestones, using our salons as the perfect backdrop. We cater to all of your life’s pivotal moments.


With the help of our newly developed brand identity, we created informational materials and other assets that bring the TRAVEL FIT programme to life: a branded gym bag for in-room exercises, a labeled power drink for on-the-go, a flyer for our restaurant outlets highlighting the healthy meal and drink choices. Last but not least , our guests will be handed a small branded info card upon check out, to continue their well-being journey in the comfort of their home.

In order to create recognition and correlation between the products, all have been designed in line with the brand identity, which can be seen through brand elements such as the Baur au Lac blue, frames with extended corners and large images placed across the entire surface.


Just as the Baur au Lac logo wordmark and the lion crest, our new illustrations were created to add a Baur au Lac personality from prints to stationery throughout the hotel.

Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s archive illustrations, we were striving our new graphics to encompass the wit and quirkiness from the past whilst creating a modern interpretation. The drawings are made to add a playful touch in our signature colors. To start the Baur au Lac Terrasse season, we made sure to integrate our boat illustration as a part of the menu cards, as portayal of Baur au Lac Terrasse, lake Zurich and summer.


Going further into details, we wanted to showcase the traditional craftsmanship and knowledge of the artisans who so carefully add each impeccable detail, piece by piece. The embossing requires precision and focus, as does the transfer of our signature colour onto a piece of paper. This is done with gold foil on the Lion's Crest. Our iconic Baur au Lac name in black and the frame are additional touches that add depth to the design. Finally, the welcome card finds its way to our guests, filled with special handwritten wishes for an unforgettable stay.


When we embarked on our reinvention journey, we wanted to embrace our rich history and present it in a fresh and contemporary way. Step by step, we selected each unique style element that fits our identity like a glove - colours, fonts, shapes. How exciting it is to see all these components come together. Watch as local artisans bring our brand new stationery to life from a blank sheet of paper.

Chapter 4 I falling out of frame 

Continuing our captivating rebranding journey, we have been drawing inspiration not only from archive finds which stood the test of times, but also from the architectonic beauty that surrounds us daily at Baur au Lac. The classy and simplistic forms cultivated in the architecture of the lobby, Le Hall and the staircase now enhance selected stationary items. For instance, the handwritten welcome cards, which await our guests upon arrival. Keep an eye for these architectural details the next time you visit us…

Chapter 3 I diving into the blue

Picking our new colour palette was relatively easy. No colour represents the Baur au Lac better than blue. The shimmering blue tones of Lake Zurich already inspired the hotel's appearance in earlier times, as can be seen in various archive discoveries. The new colour palette ranges from a delicate light blue to a luminous medium blue to a rich deep blue. A splash of bright red, in reference to the Swiss flag, is used in very select applications to bring energy to the palette.

Chapter 2 I A tin marks the beginning

Probably the most exciting moment of any rebranding journey is when you get to hold the first item featuring the new look & feel in your hands. In our case, this moment coincided exactly with the launch of our own Prunier Osietra Caviar. So it happens that the gold-colored tins are now the first Baur au Lac article to be adorned with the new logo.  

Our new wordmark reflects our commitment to quality and a great appreciation for craftsmanship. Drawing direct inspiration from the archive, the serif letterforms (Baur & Lac) signal the eccentricities of the original ‘Baur au Lac’ signs and root in the identity of Baur au Lac’s history. In contrast the ‘AU’ is presented in sans serif letterforms signalling modernity and duality between the old and new.



BaL GIF Branding2022 reloading final square

Chapter 1 I A lion makes its own way

As Zurich's heraldic animal, it already adorned the hotel logo over 100 years ago. It symbolizes the Baur au Lac's connection to its surroundings, the heart of Zurich. So it goes without saying that the lion is also to be found in the new branding. It has established itself over the years in such a way that it can now independently represent the Baur au Lac in the form of an emblem. Detached from the logo lettering, he now adds the finishing touches to selected applications with a freshly styled mane and polished shield.


Prologue: Back to the beginning

Our rebranding journey began back in March this year in the Baur au Lac archives. We immersed ourselves in over 178 years of hotel history. From historical postcards, posters, menu cards and brochures, a vision gradually emerged of what our new brand identity could look like. You can find out more in the following chapters.

The "Baur au Lac Reloading" adventure, the largest renovation project in the recent history of Baur au Lac, began just over a year ago. On the blog of the same name, we gave exciting insights into the "make-over" process every week. Since July, our lobby, the forecourt and the terrace have been gleaming in new shapes and colours. Inspired by this, the Baur au Lac brand identity is now also to receive a new coat of paint. And once again, we want to creatively document this transformation and provide exclusive insights behind the scenes.