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Meet our executive team

  • Wilhelm Luxem

    General Manager

    Wilhelm Luxem

  • Michael Schibler

    Deputy director

    Michael Schibler

  • Kathrin Kast

    Human Resources Manager

    Kathrin Kast

  • Carole Baumann

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Carole Baumann

  • Daniela Tobler

    Director of Rooms

    Daniela Tobler

  • Jérémie Varry

    Chef Concierge

    Jérémie Varry

  • Erich Nusser

    Guest Relations Manager

    Erich Nusser

  • Matthias Köhler

    Front Office Manager

    Matthias Köhler

  • Matthias Kienzle

    Director of Food & Beverage

    Matthias Kienzle

  • Tatjana Shaikh

    Executive Housekeeper

    Tatjana Shaikh

  • Alexander Gibb

    Director of Revenue & Reservations

    Alexander Gibb