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Homemade articles are created with a lot of attention to detail and can be bought at our Baur au Lac kiosk. 

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1844 Chocolat Baur au Lac

Création exclusive Baur au Lac


The Baur au Lac committed themselves to this goal in composing the in-house “1844 Chocolat Baur au Lac” and extended the offering with four new products. The exquisite “Rectangle Lait 43% Noisette” combines the properties of dark chocolate with those of a milk chocolate, refined with roasted hazelnuts. Our dark side has also grown: The popular “Rectangle Noir 70% Amande” is now available as a chocolate bar. The mixed “Napolitains” and “Pralines” boxes are the perfect gift to take home. 

The name “1844” alludes to the year, when the Baur au Lac was founded. Andrea Kracht, a sixth-generation member of the family that owns the Baur au Lac, personally crafted “1844” and picked up on not one but two historical themes: Alongside the Swiss tradition of the art of the chocolatier, he may well have been thinking back to Johannes Baur, his forefather and the founder of the Baur au Lac who, a confectioner by trade, came to Zurich from Austria and laid the cornerstone of the Baur-Kracht hotel dynasty.

The recipe was developed exclusively for us: to achieve exactly the desired flavour profile, the hand-picked cocoa varieties were blended in a complex process in which every care was taken to ensure that each individual nuance complemented all the others to perfection. Our pastry chefs also use this exquisite variety for their enticing compositions.

Rectangle Lait 43% Noisette , Noir 43% Amande at CHF 12.00
Pralinés classique at CHF 24.50
Carrés Noir 70% et Lait 43% at CHF 18.00

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Baur au Lac Honey

Having breakfast at the Baur au Lac includes the enjoyment of our own honey! The enjoyment can be extended to your friends and family, 295 gram glasses of our honey are available at the Baur au Lac kiosk in the Lobby.

Honey 295 gram CHF 25.00

Baur au Lac Honey