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Hospitality is our passion. For over 175 years we have been offering our guests memorable days with special events in Zurich. At Baur Au Lac we delight art lovers, music enthusiasts and gourmet fans. Follow our best recommendations for all there is to do, see, and experience during your visit to Zurich.

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Baur au Lac & Zurich events

Have a look at our current events schedule. We´ve rounded up the best events in Baur au Lac and in Zurich. There is a lot to discover for art lovers, music enthusiasts and gourmet fans - time to grab your diary!

Current and upcoming events
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The Baur au Lac News

Find at a glance all news and information from the Baur au Lac. Our magazine “Views” is available to read and includes insights about all the events in Baur au Lac and in Zurich. In our “news” section you´ll find also our special packages. It´s time to relax.

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Cultural events in Zurich

Located on Lake Zurich, visitors will be delighted by the city´s calming ambiance. Zurich offers a broad range of cultural events like Music, Theatre, Museums, and Festivals.

Make sure not to miss the performance of the famous Tonhalle Orchestra and visit the Opera House, one of the finest venues in the world for opera. Also, the exhibitions in the Swiss metropolis are always worth seeing - each museum has its own charm. Every year, the Zurich Film Festival attracts thousands of fans and stars to the Limmat. Art lovers from all over the world feel at home in Zurich.

Meet Zurich´s Culture Scene

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Festivals and open-air events in Zurich

There´s more to do in Zurich besides visiting museums and theatres. With open-air events, festivals, and Christmas markets the swiss city always has something going on throughout the year.

The International Theatre Festival “Theater Spektakel”, Zurich Open Air or Zurich's Christmas Village are just some of the many outdoor events that you can choose from for an amazing stay.

Top Events in Zurich


City & event tours in Zurich

Zurich is the main city in Switzerland with a rich historical heritage, beautiful landmarks and sights. Make the most of your time in Zurich and get to know its surroundings with one of these guided tours. Check the link below to find the best option for you.

City Tours in Zurich