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Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac
Baur au Lac

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Behind the scenes of our exciting makeover Baur au Lac Reloading

We will be sharing exciting insights into the transformation of the terrace and lobby area. On the newly established blog "Baur au Lac Reloading", we invite you to follow this transformation process and see how the new areas take on colours and shapes.

From horse-drawn carriages and electric lighting to virtual hotel tours and a live streaming studio - over almost two centuries, the Baur au Lac has not only successfully withstood the changing times, but used them to reinvent itself time and again. In this way, the hotel has always been able to offer its guests from all over the world the latest amenities in the areas of comfort and technical sophistication. From October 2021 to June 2022, this tradition will now be continued:  
Zurich's grande dame is getting a spectacular "makeover".  

08.10.2021 | Spectacular take-off

The renovation work on the Baur au Lac terrace is in full swing. This week, the umbrella, which is almost 10 metres high and weighs around 3 tonnes, and thus the centrepiece of our terrace, was lifted out of its anchorage by means of a crane and transported away.

Be curious about what is coming!

04.10.2021 | First impressions...

After a record-breaking season, the Baur au Lac Terrace kicks off at the beginning of October so that locals and travellers from all over the world can once again enjoy the green oasis in the heart of Zurich just in time for the spring awakening in mid-April.