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Behind the scenes of our exciting makeover Baur au Lac Reloading

On the newly established blog "Baur au Lac Reloading", we invite you to follow the stunning transformation processes that are currently ongoing. See how the new areas take on colours and shapes and stay tuned for the great unveiling!

From horse-drawn carriages and electric lighting to virtual hotel tours and a live streaming studio - over almost two centuries, the Baur au Lac has not only successfully withstood the changing times, but used them to reinvent itself time and again. In this way, the hotel has always been able to offer its guests from all over the world the latest amenities in the areas of comfort and technical sophistication. From October 2021 to June 2022, this tradition will now be continued:  
Zurich's grande dame is getting a spectacular "makeover".  

14.01.2022 | Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction

These words by Pablo Picasso perfectly describe the recent events in the great Baur au Lac transformation process. Within a few days, the familiar image of the hotel lobby has completely vanished, taking with it wood paneling, tapestries and marble floors  The canopy in the driveway has also been tackled. While on one side of the construction fence numerous workers are busy swinging their tools, on the other side business is going on as usual. The Salons I & II offer the reception and the concierge team a noble transitional home. On sunny days, the newly roofed bridge, connecting the garage and hotel entrance with the new reception area, offers panoramic views of Lake Zurich and the Alps.

07.01.2022 | Striking out on new paths

This week, we kicked off the spectacular makeover process of the Baur au Lac's entrance and reception area, which will be completed in June 2022. Until then, we await you on the other side of the Schanzengraben at Glärnischstrasse 18, from where a covered and heated bridge will take you to the reception and concierge desk as well as the Pavillon restaurant and our lobby bar Le Hall. In our latest video post, we are taking you on a 1-minute journey to show you how to find us.

BaL Reloading new hotel entrance january 2022

23.12.2021 | New year, new look

The turn of the year is neither an end nor a beginning, but a moving on. At the Baur au Lac, this moving on process includes the continuation of the extensive rennovation works in the entrance and lobby area. For this, it will be necessary to literally break new ground. As a result, the forecourt as well as the lobby area will be temporarily inaccessible from 03 January and until mid-June 2022. Arrival will be via the hotel's own garage during this period.

02.11.2021 | #Come fly with me...

Follow the umbrella’s stunning return from various spectacular angles in our latest blog post!

On the evening of 12 November, hotel guests whose rooms faced the Baur au Lac Park were witness to an unusual spectacle. Our brand-new umbrella floated gracefully over the century-old treetops to its permanent place on the Baur au Lac terrace, where it will protect visitors from sun and rain as of spring 2022. The whole operation took over two hours and every detail had to be perfect.

The first curious visitors were able to catch a glimpse of the almost 10-metre-high and over 3-tonne umbrella and the newly renovated terrace end of November, for example at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. However, the outcome of the terrace makeover will only unfold its full splendour when spring arrives…

02.11.2021 | #TransformationTuesday

A building site is always the beginning of something new. The way there holds many different moments of transformation in store. Since the big patio umbrella literally made its "take-off", so many things have happened! But see for yourself and be amazed how the transformation of the terrace progresses stone by stone and tile by tile.

One thing is certain: the keystone has not yet been laid. More exciting things are about to happen! Look forward to the glorious return of the flying umbrella... 

08.10.2021 | Spectacular take-off

The renovation work on the Baur au Lac terrace is in full swing. This week, the umbrella, which is almost 10 metres high and weighs around 3 tonnes, and thus the centrepiece of our terrace, was lifted out of its anchorage by means of a crane and transported away.

Be curious about what is coming!

04.10.2021 | First impressions...

After a record-breaking season, the Baur au Lac Terrace kicks off at the beginning of October so that locals and travellers from all over the world can once again enjoy the green oasis in the heart of Zurich just in time for the spring awakening in mid-April.